Primary Language Lessons

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LBC exclusive. Introduction to grammar and language use and expression. Best for ages 7-9. Recommended to begin second half of second grade and complete in third grade.

Primary Language Lessons is a beginning guide to grammar and language use and expression for the early elementary student. It is a lay-flat, write-in text. No need to have to rewrite the questions and assignments. It is all done for you.


Print version: 258 pages, wire bound
Digital version: direct download
Author: Emma Serl


Sample of Primary Language Lessons

This easy, write-in format grammar guide includes stories, poems, and pictures of fine art. Each lesson introduces principles of grammar and word use through question and answer, composition, memorization, oral presentation, and dictation. Serl recommended that Primary Language Lessons be used for the second half of grade 2 and grade 3, or ages 6 through 8.

Primary Language Lessons has high quality literature and art to teach language and grammar. Serl's use of this method parallels the work of Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) who advocated high-quality literature as a pathway to learning. Miss Mason taught that children relish well-written, well-told books and model them in their speech and writing. By following this example, our children learn from great authors and artists rather than dry textbooks. What could be better?