Why LBC?

Where have the exciting days of toddlerhood and preschool discovery gone?

When did education become a chore?

All of a sudden school started to feel scheduled and restricted. There’s no room for individual desires and the joy of discovering things together. None of the field trips and extra enrichment you envisioned.


You’ve become a slave to the schedule.

Exactly what you didn’t want.
My friend, it does NOT have to be this way.


In a house just across town from you, there is a mom who gets up in the morning and all the kids gather around her in the living room. They choose a book from the morning basket and sit down to read together at leisure. Everyone is engaged and excited and academic achievements come naturally.

How is this possible?


With a Charlotte Mason Education!


I was personally educated with this method from kindergarten through 12th grade.  Exploration, independence, and excellence were all part of my experience.

The traditional methods of educating used today do not respect your child as the unique and whole person they already are.

They stuff them with facts and force them through worksheets.   

But we know education is more than facts and paperwork.


We believe it is “an ATMOSPHERE, a DISCIPLINE, and a LIFE”.


That’s why my mother created Living Books Curriculum and why I’ve now joined her in educating my children this way and sharing a different message of education.  

Living Books Curriculum places the tools + Charlotte Mason expertise in your hands to begin a lifelong journey of fostering your child’s unique gifts and purpose with meaningful education.

  • You will have the flexibility to adapt things to your family’s unique schedule and needs- but still have the structure to keep you on track and guide you so you don’t get lost or overwhelmed.
  • You will get the big overview of what books will be used each year and what subjects your children will come away having mastered.
  • And then inside each teaching guide you will see this broken down into easily accomplishable steps to do each week- no matter what your schedule is like.  On your own terms.
  • Your whole family will get to experience education together, learn together, and strengthen their relationships.


This is a whole new way of conceptualizing education. Not as a system to mold them into a finished product, but a journey with  the tools and support to continually step into the person they already are. You can expect a Charlotte Mason Education to:

  • Guide you when you need direction and give you space when you need it.
  • Present ideas that will touch your heart and transform your thinking.
  • Challenge and support you as you grow and change.


You will soon find out that when you thought you needed this for your children, you really needed it for you.


Welcome to the journey!