LBC Guide to Michigan History

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This guide offers 16 lessons each two weeks in length. The book covers Michigan history from the first peoples such as the Ojibway Indians to lumber-era up to through Henry Ford and the automobile to the present. There are eight historic eras in all. Each lesson gives objectives, a booklist of books that can easily be purchased used or borrowed from the library. Includes discussion question, writing activities and project ideas.

Wirebound or Digital
98 pages


A guide to using great literature to tell the story of Michigan's past.

Preview Sample of Michigan History Guide

From the introduction:
I have traveled and lived all over the state of Michigan; east, west, south, and north, especially north. I found stories everywhere I went and enjoyed them all. This study guide is a result of my love affair with Michigan. My hope is that through the stories, legends, and true-life accounts of Michigan’s rich past and present you will come to love her as I do and discover there is always more to learn and to love.

~Sheila Carroll