English Literature for Young People

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Introduction to the history of English literature. Best for ages 10-14.

English Literature for Young People is a 624-page guide to the great works of English literature. H. E. Marshall's story of England’s literary heritage is rich and compelling---a masterly account of 1500 years of the literary arts in Great Britain, extending from early Irish legends through the Golden Age of English letters to the modern age.The Living Books Press hardcover edition is a republication of the 1909 edition, English Literature for Boys and Girls. Our edition has been significantly revised and expanded to improve its use as a study text. Added are a biography of the author, an expanded Chronology of Writers, a bibliography of books recommended by the author, maps of the British Isles, an expanded index, and enhanced illustrations and images.

Hardcover: 624 pages
Softcover: 624 pages
Digital version: direct download

Author: H. E. Marshall