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A Child’s Garden of Verses

Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic with illustrations by Mrytle Sheldon.
Myrtle Sheldon’s stunning illustrations are the backdrop to this edition of Robert Louis Stevenson’s wonder-filled poetry for children. First published in 1885 and continuously in print since then, Stevenson’s poems takes us sailing into the land of make-believe where a bed is a ship, a meadow a sea, and a swing can touch the clouds.

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A Day of Charlotte Mason


A Day of Charlotte Mason is a live event with a keynote address, 6 workshops, and a closing Q & A session. You will come away with a clear picture of how to bring together each detail of a Charlotte Mason homeschool into unity with one another so you can finally experience the harmonious homeschool experience you desire.

Event was completed.  Audio purchase available only.

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ABC Test

Assess your child’s readiness for kindergarten and first grade with this gentle, simple test.

The Assessment of Basic Concepts (ABC Test) was created especially for Living Books Curriculum by Dr. James Carroll, co-founder of LBC. Dr. Carroll is a specialist in learning assessment. This test is a gentle way to measure your child’s readiness and progress. The test is designed to discover your child’s level of understanding of basic concepts and skills (counting, organizing, oral expression) necessary for kindergarten or first grade. The test takes about 20 minutes to administer and includes the ABC Test Guide, ABC Score Sheet, and ABC Test Materials.

Print version: 15 pages, folder
Digital version: direct download
Author: James Carroll, Ed D

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Aesop’s Fables with Scripture References

Classic fables with Scripture reference to match the moral. 

Living Books Press Aesop’s Fables contains:

  • Over 270 fables
  • Scripture passages to highlight each moral
  • A 110-word glossary of unfamiliar words
  • An alphabetical index of the morals
  • A guide for study for parents, students and teachers

The Living Books Press Aesop’s Fables offers a unique edition, translated by V. S. Vernon Jones, is a republication of the 1912 edition, with illustrations by the incomparable artist Arthur Rackham and introduction by G. K. Chesterton.

Hardcover: 236 pages
Softcover: 236 pages
Digital version: direct download

Author: Aesop; Sheila Carroll, ed.

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Around the World in Eighty Days

Tale of circumnavigation of the earth. Perfect for overview of globe. Best for ages 8-12.


Shocking his stodgy colleagues at the exclusive Reform Club in London, enigmatic Englishman Phileas Fogg wagers his fortune, undertaking an extraordinary and daring enterprise: to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. Illustrations are from the time-honored George M. Towle translation.


Living Books Press has added an extensive glossary, a biography of Jules Verne and a day-by-day itinerary of Fogg’s journey around the world.

Softcover: 316 pages
Author: Jules Verne

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Best-loved Literary Tales

Literary fairytales for the older student. Best for ages 9-12.

Best-loved Literary Fairytales is a collection of thirteen literary tales penned by the best and most notable writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century-a time considered by many as the golden age of children’s literature. Original illustrations include Arthur Rackham, Maude Humphrey, and Kate Greenaway. Readers will delight in the imaginative landscapes each story reveals and the spiritual truths hidden there.

Print version: 421 pages, soft cover
Digital version: direct download
Author: Sheila Carroll, ed.

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Blank Nature Journal

Nature Journal for keeping a record of discoveries outdoors.

A blank book just right for young hands and ready to use with dry brush technique or other medium. Journal has medium-weight paper excellent for water color, pen and ink, and colored pencils.

Paperback: 68 blank pages pages

Publisher: Strathmore Paper Company & Prang Watercolor Co.

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Calm After The Storm Bundle


This collection of books, stories, folktales, and poems is designed to bring your family together, if only for a few moments each day. Use it as a focal point and bright ray of hope amidst whatever challenges your family is experiencing. There is no better way to draw close to one another and be strengthened than by connecting over a great story that everyone young and old can enjoy.


Digital Product Only

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Calvert of Maryland: A Story of Lord Baltimore’s Colony

Sixth in LBC’s Colonial America series. Best for children 7-9.

The purpose of the stories in the Colonial America Series is to show children the home life of the colonists with whom they meet in their books, while describing the daily life of those people who conquered the wilderness whether for conscience sake or gain.

Print version: 140 pages, soft cover
Digital version: direct download
Author: James Otis

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CM Coaching with Sheila

Help to Homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way Peace of mind, organized day, delight-directed learning,  Sheila Carroll will meet with you by phone for a personal, one-hour, packed conversation focused on helping you solve your most perplexing homeschool issues. Once you

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Colonial America Series – 6 Volumes

All six books of Colonial America Series.


Buy all six and save!


This series of books on Colonial America is by James Otis (1848-1912). Otis was a writer, educator and historian who authored over 150 books for children. He wrote the Colonial America Series to illustrate the home life of colonists. Otis felt history books did not adequately describe the fascinating details of this time in American history.

Autor: James Otis

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Donate to LBC’s School in West Africa

Your donation helps us provide a living education to children who have no access to learning. Read about our amazing students in the description below. The pictures were all taken by me or my assistant while in Nigeria.


Your donation is tax-exempt and deeply appreciated. Living Books Curriculum is a non-profit company under the 501 C3 Worldwide Educational Resources. Upon receipt of your donation we will send a confirmation which can be used for tax purposes.

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English Literature for Young People

Introduction to the history of English literature. Best for ages 10-14.

English Literature for Young People is a 624-page guide to the great works of English literature. H. E. Marshall’s story of England’s literary heritage is rich and compelling—a masterly account of 1500 years of the literary arts in Great Britain, extending from early Irish legends through the Golden Age of English letters to the modern age.The Living Books Press hardcover edition is a republication of the 1909 edition, English Literature for Boys and Girls. Our edition has been significantly revised and expanded to improve its use as a study text. Added are a biography of the author, an expanded Chronology of Writers, a bibliography of books recommended by the author, maps of the British Isles, an expanded index, and enhanced illustrations and images.

Hardcover: 624 pages
Softcover: 624 pages
Digital version: direct download

Author: H. E. Marshall

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Foundation Year Bundle

The ultimate LBC package! This bundle includes all books and resources published by LBC Press that you will need to complete the Foundation Year with your child. The rest can be affordably purchased on Amazon or borrowed from your library. In addition, you will receive three audio trainings designed to give you an overview of Charlotte Mason principles and how to apply them in your home school. Books included are the Foundation Year Teaching Guide, The ABC Test, The Real Mother Goose, and Aesop’s Fables. The audios are A Closer Look at LBC, Writing the CM Way, and Demystifying Nature Study.


**Please note:  This purchase will be accessible as a login membership page upon our website.

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Four Quarterly Blessing Sessions

Feeling isolated? Looking for spiritual nourishment? Help to home school the Charlotte Mason way?

Many of the women in the LBC community have asked for something for themselves. They are feeling isolated and asked for a refreshing, inspiring time with other like-minded women.

Beginning January 28, 2019, Sheila Carroll is offering a quarterly a mentoring get-together online to bless you with inspiration and encouragement. Each session will be six weeks and held on Monday from 4 – 5 pm Eastern time. All sessions will be recorded.

By purchasing all four sessions you are enabling LBC to offer you a 50% discount. You save over $230.


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Getting Acquainted with LBC Pack

Through this treasure-trove of audios and PDFs you will learn exactly how myself and hundreds of other families are using Charlotte Mason’s philosophy to:

  • Instill a life-long love of learning in their children
  • Learn all the dates and facts of both world and American history WITHOUT reading a single textbook
  • Be INTENTIONAL about every minute of your school day
  • Increase retention through close observation of great art and nature

If you know your family needs a change but you’re overwhelmed about where to start, this package is exactly what you need.

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