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The ultimate LBC package! This bundle includes all books and resources published by LBC Press that you will need to complete Grade Two with your child. The rest can be affordably purchased on Amazon or borrowed from your library. In addition, you will receive three audio trainings designed to give you an overview of Charlotte Mason principles and how to apply them in your home school. Books included are the Grade Two Teaching Guide and Resources, Reading-Literature First Reader, Reading-Literature Teaching Guide, Italics, LBC Nature Journal, Seed Babies, and Peeps at Many Lands. The audios are A Closer Look at LBC, Living History with Living Books, and Planning for Learning.


**Please note:  The digital portion of this purchase will be available via a direct-download upon purchase.


Here’s everything you receive (for both the physical or digital bundle):

    • Grade Two Teaching Guide and Resources ($97 physical / $77 digital)

    • Primary Language Lessons ($32 physical / $24 digital)

    • Reading-Literature First Reader ($11 physical / $8 digital)

    • Reading-Literature Teaching Guide ($12.50 physical / $9.50 digital)

    • Italics ($16.50 physical / $10.50 digital)

    • LBC Nature Journal ($4 Value - digital access only)

    • Seed Babies ($5 Value - digital access only)

    • Peeps at Many Lands ($8 Value - digital access only)

    • Three Audios: A Closer Look at LBC, Living History with Living Books, and Planning for Learning ($68 Value - digital access only)

    • Bonus Items: Narration Notebooks and Jumbo Template Pack ($94 Value - digital access only)

This is a total value of $348 physical and $308 digital! Now available to you at a special rate of only $173 for the physical bundle, or $133 for the digital bundle only!

***Please note:  Physical bundle includes digital membership access for some of the resources included in the bundle that are not produced physically.


Detailed Description of Grade Two

Booklist and Overview

Sample Weekly Lessons


The Grade Two Teaching Guide includes a term-by-term overview of each subject and a week-by-week schedule that details how to use the literature to teach each subject. Flexible scheduling using the LBC trademarked “Planning for Learning” method which uses 36-week year divided into four terms. This grade covers:

    • Bible Study: Scripture memorization and a study of great heroes of the faith.

    • Reading Fluency—some practice to assure reading at level.

    • Language Arts: Includes storytelling, penmanship with copywork, poetry, grammar and many books for reading aloud.

    • American History: Revolutionary War and the Founding of the Nation, with emphasis on the men and women who made the new nation possible.

    • World History: A guided exploration into the history, people and culture of Ancient Egypt.

    • Science: Explore four strands—earth, physical, living, and health through literature and hands-on science activities and experiments.

    • Geography: United States geography, state-by-state.

    • Composer Study: A study of the orchestra and its instruments.

    • Nature Study: A guided exploration into nature and the use of a nature journal, with emphasis on birds.

    • Picture Study: A study of the artist and the artistic process through the paintings themselves.

    • Grade Two Resources are packed with maps, documents, helpful articles, and a printable planner.


Reading-Literature First Reader

Stories for reading fluency and vocabulary building. Uses well-written folk tales, Mother Goose rhymes, and poetry to teach reading basics. The text includes vocabulary building and guidelines for phonics instruction. The simple style of the stories and rhymes allows children to read for themselves right away. First Reader is part of the Reading-Literature Series by Harriette Treadwell and Margaret Free published by Living Books Press. The series challenges the notion that learning to read is a matter of word repetition and phonic drill. Learning to read is an easy road when using literature that captures the child’s interest. Reading-Literature: First Reader is a republication of the 1911 edition. Living Books Press has taken care to faithfully reproduce the type and illustrations of the original. The book coordinates with Reading-Literature Teaching Guide and The Primer and Second Reader

Reading-Literature Teaching Guide

Step-by-step teaching guide to reading instruction.

Learning to read can be joyful rather than a matter of word repetition and phonic drill. Margaret Free and Harriette Treadwell saw literature as the ideal form for teaching reading because stories and poems capture the child’s interest, making learning an easy road.


Italics: Beautiful handwriting for children

A complete penmanship program using Charlotte Mason’s guidelines. All ages.
We have tried many writing programs; none have matched this elegantly simple and affordable handbook. It contains italic handwriting instruction within a Charlotte Mason framework, an overview of steps in teaching handwriting to children, can be used at all grade levels, and has lessons and practice in basic italics and cursive italics as well as quotes for copy work. Used through Grade Three.

LBC Nature Journal

A guide to how to keep a nature journal and a template for creating your own nature journal. This 96-page book follows Charlotte Mason’s guidelines, has a 36-week nature journal template, includes tips, suggestions, a bird, tree and mammal observation list for you to keep a record of sightings and food for thought on the many ways nature study enriches your child’s life.


Seed Babies, Margaret Warner Morley

Three children discover as part of their outdoor adventure how beans, melons peanuts and other nuts grow from seeds to plants and fruit. The description of plant growth and the beautiful pictures illustrated by the author make this a special science book.


Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Egypt, James Baikie

A children's history of ancient Egypt. Geography, customs, stories, beliefs and daily life of peoples from the Pharaoh to a soldier and farmer are described in fascinating detail. The author is a Christian pastor and writes of the beliefs of ancient Egyptians from a faith-based perspective.




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