Storytelling: A Creative Teaching Strategy (ebook)

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Children learn better with stories…far better. Research proves that retention and attention is many times higher when story is used to teach facts or concepts. We remember when we hear a story; we remember even better when we tell a story. Which is why this book is perfect for educators and parents  who are looking for an introduction to how to improve listening and telling through stories.  Each folktale is illustrated and transcribed from Sheila’s storytelling performances. Each story then follows with enriching language activities. The introduction provides the framework and research on why story is key to learning. The stories and activities are based on Sheila’s years of experience as an educator, storyteller and parent.


Three apples fell from heaven, one for the teller, one for the listener, and one for the one who heeds the tale.  Armenian Proverb

When you engage students in the process of story making they are taken beyond listening into heeding or owning the story for themselves. The lessons and language of story become their own rich possession. In a day when facts and memorization are more prized than creativity and imagination, a teacher or parent is needs help to bring these all-important experiences to learning.

Storytelling: A Creative Teaching Strategy is that book. It is a 55-page ebook introducing you to using stories to increase attention and retention, listening and speaking, and delight in learning.


Chapter 1: The Power of the Story

Chapter 2: Beginning Story Activities

Chapter 3: The Extraordinary Cat and Activities

Chapter 4: The Gunny Wolf and Activities

Chapter 5: King Solomon’s Test and Activities

Chapter 6: Burning Of the Rice Fields and Activities

Chapter 7: Storytelling Resources