Mary of Plymouth: A Story of Plymouth Colony

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Second in LBC's Colonial America series. Best for children 7-9.

The purpose of the stories in the Colonial America Series is to show children the home life of the colonists with whom they meet in their books, while describing the daily life of those people who conquered the wilderness whether for conscience sake or gain.

Print version: 136 pages, soft cover
Digital version: direct download
Author: James Otis



From Mary of Plymouth…

“MY NAME IS MARY, and I am setting down all these things about our people here in this new world, hoping some day to send to my dear friend, Hannah, who lives in Scrooby, England, what may really come to be a story, even though the writer of it is only sixteen years old, having lived in Plymouth since the day our company landed from the Mayflower in 1620, more than eleven years ago.”

So begins the compelling and historically-accurate Mary of Plymouth, the tale of sixteen-year-old Mary, who sailed with over a hundred Pilgrims on the Mayflower to establish a colony in America.
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