LBC I Love To Read Set

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Buy all four of the Reading-Literature series. A complete Charlotte Mason-style reading program.
Best for ages 5-9.




No dumbed-down reading in this lovely four-volume set.
The LBC I Love to Read Set includes a teaching guide, three readers and Flash Cards (word recognition and phonics):

Print version: includes 4 softcover books + digital access to Flash Cards
Digital version: direct download
Authors: Margaret Free and Harriette Treadwell



Now you can teach your child the joy of reading with our teaching guide and use the readers again and again for reading fluency. This easy-to-use teaching guide set includes:

  • The Reading-Literature Teacher's Guide shows parents and teachers an easy to follow literature-based reading program suited to the child's developmental level. The authors, Free and Treadwell, present very
    specific steps, including a lesson-by-lesson plan for beginning reading.

  • The Primer, First Reader and Second Reader are phonics-based readers which use quality literature rather than "twaddle," as Charlotte Mason termed dumbed-down texts.

Authors Margaret Free and Harriette Treadwell maintain that reading instruction should be a joyous activity. To achieve it the authors use phonics (with some sight words) for early reading... with one important addition: their reading starts with and continually works from good literature. Phonics instruction grows from the child's own curiosity and interaction with word-rich literature.

As you learn to use the guide and the three readers that accompany it, you will begin to see that Free and Treadwell had it right--reading is a joyous activity. Includes four books and a sets of Flash Cards (flash cards are digital access only).