The Story of How I Saved Christmas

One winter as Michigan weather turned cold and Thanksgiving was just around the corner, I began to think of Christmas–just a few weeks beyond.

I dreaded the thought of Christmas, the busyness, the expectations of gift buying, the frayed tempers, the house cleaning. Worse yet, the culture of secular Christmas was everywhere. The town courthouse had to take down its Nativity scene. Someone was offended. Then word came that even the name of the time of year would be changed to an anemic sounding word: Holidays.

It all seemed like a frantic attempt to not offend anyone. Even so, friends tried to recapture a sense of delight and a reaffirmation of faith. Why did it seem to be working?

At the time, I was a struggling homeschooling mother working hard to “get through” the curriculum and books I had chosen to finish before the Christmas juggernaut. I was losing ground. My daughter resisted schoolwork. I was getting short-tempered because of the added expectations of the holidays. My husband wanted to go shopping for gifts during school time.  Arghh!

 I sat with a cup of tea and my faithful journal where I made notes after a time of prayer. I asked My Father how we could recapture the family time together with songs, games, family traditions, living books that meant so much to us. A year without Christmas was unthinkable but what could we do to prevent the steady decline of traditional values and customs that are centuries deep?
I suddenly had an answer…
I would take back Christmas.  I would make a stand for a holy Christmas against the culture wars. I knew I couldn’t do it for everyone but I could do it for some. I began in a frenzy to write a Christmas curriculum full of all the beautiful living books, songs, poetry, even games–six lessons in all. We would call off regular school from Thanksgiving until January 6, feast of Three Kings. I was wild with excitement….everyone in our house was enjoying themselves now and learning at the same time.
I called it Rediscover Christmas and offered it to all the families on our mailing list. I created a webinar to explain it. The result was had an army of moms that first year who joined my in the six-week journey into Christmas.

And the year after that…

And the year after that…

The sense of excitement I felt that I could make a stand for the good, the true and the beautiful put wind in my sails.

Would you like to take back Christmas for your family? Would you like to join the growing army of parents who are taking back a holy Christmas?

The newly updated course is a simple PDF format rather than a series of lessons you receive one by one by email. You get all the lessons all at once. The blessing is that you can open and use as you need it.

The six richly-laden lessons are for the whole family and centered on Charlotte Mason’s timeless methods: history, folktales, hymns, picture study, handwork, poetry, literature. What could be better?

If you call off regular homeschool and Rediscover Christmas, as we did at our house, you will find this six-lesson journey a joyful time. Let us know you did.