LBC Grade One Teaching Guide & Resources

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Best for children 6-8 or families wishing to combine children 5-8.
Grade One marks the beginning of formal learning in a Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum. The disciplines of attention, recall, character, and joyful learning are addressed, as well as helping your child learn to read well, narrate well, and listen well. Colonial America is the area of study for American history. In world history, the year is spent Ancient Civilizations, a topic of fascination to most children. For science, the four strands of scientific inquiry—life, physical, earth, and health—are explored, each with its own focus for study.

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Detailed Description of Grade One.

Booklist and Overview

Sample Weekly Lessons

Grade One provides a term-by-term overview of each subject and a week-by-week schedule that details how to use the literature to teach each subject. Flexible scheduling using the LBC "Planning for Learning" method which uses 36-week year divided into four terms. Makes scheduling easy and right at your finger tips. This grade covers:

    • Christian Faith Studies: A study of the promises of God in Scripture.

    • Reading Instruction: A complete guide to teaching your child to read using the LBC I Love To Read program.

    • Language Arts: Includes storytelling, penmanship, poetry and eight read aloud books of high quality.

    • American History: The colonial period is covered from the earliest explorations of the Americas through the settlement of the early colonies.

    • World History: Studies begin with Creation and cover the founding of Israel up to the Babylonian captivity and the rise of other ancient civilizations--Assyria, Sumer and Babylon.

    • Science: Explore four strands—earth, physical, living, and health, includes Growing Strong and Healthy: A Heath Science Curriculum ($16 Value) at no additional charge.

    • Geography: Learning continents and countries by name and sight.

    • Composer Study: An introduction to great composers to foster an appreciation and understanding of music.

    • Art instruction: Easy to do projects designed to improve hand-eye coordination.

    • Nature Study: A guided exploration into nature and the use of a nature journal.

    • Picture Study: Recommended by Charlotte Mason, for attention to detail and appreciation of great ideas in art.

    • Grade One Resources include maps, documents, templates, helpful articles, and printable texts.( $62 Value)