Grade Four Bundle

The ultimate LBC package! This bundle includes all books and resources published by LBC Press that you will need to complete Grade Four with your child. The rest can be affordably purchased on Amazon or borrowed from your library. In addition, you will receive three audio trainings designed to give you an overview of Charlotte Mason principles and how to apply them in your home school. Books included are the Grade Four Teaching Guide and Resources, Intermediate Language Lessons Part 1, Italics, LBC Nature Journal, King Arthur:  Tales from the Round Table, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The audios are A Closer Look at LBC, Writing the CM Way, and Demystifying Nature Study.

**Please note:  This purchase will be accessible as a login membership page upon our website.




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Here’s everything you receive (for both the physical or digital bundle):

  • Grade Four Teaching Guide and Resources ($97 physical / $77 digital)
  • Intermediate Language Lessons Part 1 ($28 physical / $22 digital)
  • LBC Nature Journal ($4 Value – digital access only)
  • Italics: Beautiful Handwriting ($16.50 physical / $10.50 digital)
  • King Arthur:  Tales from the Round Table ($5 Value – digital access only)
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin ($7 Value – digital access only)
  • Three Audios: A Closer Look at LBC, Writing the CM Way, and Demystifying Nature Study ($68 Value – digital access only)
  • Bonus Items: Narration Notebooks and Jumbo Template Pack ($94 Value – digital access only)

This is a total value of $320 physical and $288 digital! Now available to you at a special rate of only $146 for the physical bundle, or $114 for the digital bundle only!

***Please note:  Physical bundle includes digital membership access for some of the resources included in the bundle that are not produced physically.


Detailed Description of Grade Four

Booklist and Overview

Sample Weekly Lessons


The Grade Four Teaching Guide

Includes a term-by-term overview of each subject and a week-by-week schedule that details how to use the literature to teach each subject. Flexible scheduling using the LBC trademarked “Planning for Learning” method which uses 36-week year divided into four terms. This grade covers:

  • Language Arts: Includes storytelling, penmanship, dictation, spelling, poetry and a reading of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • American History: Civil War period studied with emphasis on the lives of great men and women of both the north and the south, black and white.
  • World History: An extensive study of the Middle Ages from the Dark Ages and High Middle Ages to the birth of the Nation State.
  • Bible Study: Scripture readings and memorization according to the schedule of Charlotte Mason, biographies of heroes of the faith from the Middle Ages.
  • Science: Year-long study of astronomy, using Exploring Creation with Astronomy and biographies of great minds of the Middle Ages.
  • Geography: For World History, mapping Europe, and for American History mapping the states as they were during the Civil War.
  • Composer Study: Music of the Middle Ages, e.g. Gregorian chants and folk music. Also songs of the Civil War era.
  • Nature Study: A guided exploration into nature and the use of a nature journal.
  • Picture Study: Study of the works of Giotto, and other medieval artists and Civil War-era art.

The Grade Four Resources are packed full of maps, documents, helpful articles, and a printable Uncle Remus Stories by Joel Chandler Harris.


Intermediate Language Lessons Part 1

Part 1 of 3 for teaching grammar the Charlotte Mason way. Best for ages 9-10

This is an LBC exclusive book. It is the original 1914 text with in a much improved lay-flat, write-in format. No need to have to waste time writing out the questions and assignments. It is all done for you.


Italics: Beautiful handwriting for children

A complete penmanship program using Charlotte Mason’s guidelines. All ages.
We have tried many writing programs; none have matched this elegantly simple and affordable handbook. It contains italic handwriting instruction within a Charlotte Mason framework, an overview of steps in teaching handwriting to children, can be used at all grade levels, and has lessons and practice in basic italics and cursive italics as well as quotes for copy work. Used through Grade Three.


LBC Nature Journal

A guide to how to keep a nature journal and a template for creating your own nature journal. This 96-page book follows Charlotte Mason’s guidelines, has a 36-week nature journal template, includes tips, suggestions, a bird, tree and mammal observation list for you to keep a record of sightings and food for thought on the many ways nature study enriches your child’s life.


King Arthur:  Tales from the Round Table

A collection of King Arthur stories used within World history for Living Books Curriculum.


Uncle Tom’s Cabin

A classic used in Living Books Curriculum for American History.


A Closer Look at LBC

LBC Founder, Sheila Carroll, tells the story of how she discovered the Charlotte Mason methods and why she chose to create the curriculum. This audio training answers common questions like

  • Can I do “a little” Charlotte Mason?
  • Why does my school time feel like a battle every day?
  • What do I do now?

She expounds on the three actions to transform your home school to a peaceful harmony: Use the methods, use living books, and have a mentor. Also included are plain language explanations of what Charlotte Mason’s principles, such as “Children are persons,” really mean and how to practically apply these philosophies on a daily basis.

Audio: 87:45

Speaker: Sheila Carroll


Writing the CM Way

Is your child resistant to writing? Are you stressed out trying to teach every jot and tiddle of grammar, spelling, and style? LBC Founder, Sheila Carroll, invites you to set aside what you know, or what you think you know, about teaching writing and take a breath of fresh air. Charlotte Mason believed that composition is as natural as jumping and running to children. Doesn’t sound possible? Learn to apply the three-step method: narration, transcription, and writing. Build your child’s writing skills from the ground up, lighting their fire instead of filling their bucket and respect your child’s own unique voice in their composition.

Audio: 70:05

Speaker: Sheila Carroll


Demystifying Nature Study

Want to incorporate nature study in your home school but aren’t sure where to begin? This webinar demystifies nature study and answers questions such as

  • What is the central goal of nature study?
  • When and how to do an indoor nature study
  • What to do if you live in an urban area.
  • What is the difference between nature study and science?

Observation, not technical study, is explained as the basis for nature study. It is not necessary to know all the answers- just to get excited about nature and join your child in learning! The history of nature study and examples of how to do a nature walk are also included.

Audio: 51:29

Speaker: Sheila Carroll


****Important Notice:  Except upon agreement by communication with Living Books Curriculum before purchasing, all returns/refunds for bundles for physical products are only issued with a return of all physical items of the bundle.  Partial return of items included in a bundle may withhold your refund if the return is not complete.  All primary standards regarding returns and refunds can be seen here.


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