Charlotte Mason Library on CD

Own your own library of living books, guides and MP3s to help homeschool with Charlotte Mason’s timeless methods. Homeschool library of living books ($423 Value) on CD.

Charlotte Mason Library on CD contains over 70 high quality titles to help you homeschool the Charlotte Mason way: Science, American History, Penmanship, Nature Study, Picture Study, Geography, Citizenship, Classics of Literature, and more. We have only a limited number of CDs.

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Your own library of living books worth $423
Only 45 0 left!

Nothing short of a miracle…

I purchased your amazing CM Library on CD…This was an answer to prayer! I recently “stumbled” upon your curriculum and believe God has truly led me to you and Charlotte Mason,
as I have been hunting and praying for the right curriculum for our family.
We’re extremely short on funds right now and so to be able to purchase these items at such an incredible discount has been nothing short of a miracle.
~Jennifer W.

Anyone interested in the CM method but on a tight budget can educate their children with these materials, a good printer, and a computer.The value of all 79 files and audios that come with your CM Digital Library is more than $423. Still greater is the usefulness to you as a teaching parent to have living books at your finger tips. We have pulled files from the LBC vaults (okay, our hard drive) that we seldom make available as digital files. We had 250 produced and there are only 45 left. We will not be reprinting this CD!

No junky text files

Have you downloaded digital files that turned out to be text files with no images, formatting, no beauty — just words on a page? I have too, and I don’t like it. Nearly all of our digital files (most in a clean PDF format) will print 8½ x 11 on your printer, with nicely formatted pages and all the beautiful pictures you have the right to expect. A few can be printed “two-up” on an 8½ x 11 sheet, with a click of a button on your printer. We even provide you with directions for the best way to print the files.

“… we owe it to every child to put him in communication with great minds that he may get at great thoughts … and the only vital method of education appears
to be that children should read worthy books, many worthy books.”

–Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education

Here is the complete list of all the audios and books
for the CM Library on CD

Mason’s Philosophy

  • Charlotte Mason: Selected Articles and ExcerptsArticles from Charlotte Mason’s books and from Parents’ Review on literature, art, reading, special needs, Bible study,composition, and more.
  • Home Education, Charlotte Mason
  • “Telling Back: The Art of Narration” (article)
  • A Charlotte Mason Education for the 21st Century, by Jim
  • & Sheila Carroll (audio)
  • Living History with Living Books, by Sheila Carroll (audio)
  • Planning for Learning, by Sheila Carroll (audio)
  • Planning for Learning Handout, by Sheila Carroll
  • The Missing Ingredient in Reading (in 2 parts), by Sheila Carroll



LBC’s Colonial America Series (6 volumes) Available as a complete 6-volume download or as separate books.

  • Richard of Jamestown
  • Mary of Plymouth
  • Peter of Amsterdam
  • Stephen of Philadelphia
  • Calvert of Maryland
  • Ruth of Boston
  • LBC’s Heroes of Progress: Stories of Successful Americans



  • Pilgrim’s Progress
  • A Closer Look at the Evidence


  • First Freedoms: A discussion guide to First Amendment Rights
  • The Boys’ & Girls’ Plutarch, by John S. White
  • “We Hold These Truths…” (audio)

Classics of GreatLiterature

  • LBC’s Aesop’s Fables with Scripture References
  • LBC’s Best-loved Literary Tales (upper level)Stories of
  • Beowulf Told to ChildrenAlice in Wonderland (audio)
  • Pied Piper of Hamelin (audio)
  • Tell Me Another StoryOld Greek Stories, James Baldwin
  • Just David, Eleanor H. Porter
  • Tale of Solomon Owl, Thornton Burgess
  • Five Children and It, E. Nesbit (audio)
  • Would-Be Goods, E. Nesbit (audio)

Composer Study

  • Young People’s Story of Music


  • Ambleside Geography—Book One, by Charlotte Mason
  • The Story of Geographical Discovery
  • Teaching Geography with World Coins
  • A Book of Discovery by M.B. Singe (upper level)
  • LBC’s Maps of the Ancient, Medieval, Modern World, and United
  • LBC’s Around the World in Eighty Days (includes maps, glossary, etc.)


  • I, Pencil
An LBC exclusive—created for your child’s
written narrations related to the book of the same title.
  • NN:Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
  • NN: Genesis
  • NN: Around the World in Eighty Days
  • NN: Story of the Ancient World
  • NN: American History Stories
  • Narration Notebook™ template

Nature Study

  • The Insect Folk
  • LBC’s Nature Study Journal
  • Homeschoolers Guide to Project Feeder Watch, Cornell
  • UniversityHandbook of Nature Study (complete book)
  • ~Available as complete book or in sections so you can choose the topics you want or have a smaller download.
  • 101 Nature Oriented Things to do Outside


  • Italics: Beautiful Handwriting for Children

Picture Study

  • Pictures Every Child Should Know
  • LBC’s Picture Study: Teaching Children to Love Great Art
  • LBC’s Early American History: Ten Reproductions, by J.L.G. Ferris (for history and picture study)
  • Three Renaissance Artists: Michelangelo, deVinci, Raphael


  • Jabberwocky: Poetry Studies for Junior High
  • A Child’s Garden of Verses, with Myrtle Sheldon’s illustrations

Reading Instruction

Reading-Literature Series
This four-volume set is LBC’s recently released premium edition The
LBC I Love to Read Set

  • Reading-Literature: Teaching Guide
  • Reading-Literature: The Primer
  • Reading-Literature: First Reader
  • Reading-Literature: Second Reader



  • Recitations for Assembly and Classroom, Anna T. Lee O’Neill, compiler
  • Quotations from Shakespeare for Copy and Memorization, Edith Nesbit, compiler


  • The Fairy-Land of Science, by Arabella B. BuckleyGrowing
  • Strong and Healthy—an elementary health science


  • Titanic (Anniversary Edition)
  • A Christmas Carol
  • Entire Collection of LBC’s Holiday HelpersAvailable as an entire collection or as separate downloads.

Presidents’ Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Constitution Day
Columbus Day


  • Storytelling: A Creative Teaching Strategy, by Sheila Carroll

World History

  • Child’s History of England, by Charles Dickens
  • Historic Boys and Historic Girls: Their Endeavors, Their
    Achievements and Their Times
  • Stories of Courage and Heroism, William Patten
  • Roman Numerals

General Help

  • “Five Tips for Printing eBooks” (article)

to finally find out about Charlotte’s teaching methods

THANK YOU!!!!..What a tremendous blessing it is to finally find out about Charlotte’s teaching methods (I am a first year homeschool mom of a 3rd grader) but to have this
blessing. These files & downloads are overwhelming. I am truly grateful. Thank you for this wonderful gift… for all your dedication and hard work. It’s greatly appreciated. From this one very grateful homeschool mom.
~Kathy P.

We only have 0 left!

When these are gone we don’t plan to reprint.

… I’m so excited

Thank you so much, I have already been downloading and
I’m so excited. This is our first year using Charlotte Mason curriculum
and we love it. It really helps to take the edge off when you have
children with learning disabilities. What a blessing this was for our
family but I’m so excited that the proceeds go to help the children.


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