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A Day of Charlotte Mason


A Day of Charlotte Mason is a live event with a keynote address, 6 workshops, and a closing Q & A session. You will come away with a clear picture of how to bring together each detail of a Charlotte Mason homeschool into unity with one another so you can finally experience the harmonious homeschool experience you desire.

Event was completed.  Audio purchase available only.

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Calm After The Storm Bundle


This collection of books, stories, folktales, and poems is designed to bring your family together, if only for a few moments each day. Use it as a focal point and bright ray of hope amidst whatever challenges your family is experiencing. There is no better way to draw close to one another and be strengthened than by connecting over a great story that everyone young and old can enjoy.


Digital Product Only

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CM Coaching with Sheila

Help to Homeschool the Charlotte Mason Way Peace of mind, organized day, delight-directed learning,  Sheila Carroll will meet with you by phone for a personal, one-hour, packed conversation focused on helping you solve your most perplexing homeschool issues. Once you

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Donate to LBC’s School in West Africa

Your donation helps us provide a living education to children who have no access to learning. Read about our amazing students in the description below. The pictures were all taken by me or my assistant while in Nigeria.


Your donation is tax-exempt and deeply appreciated. Living Books Curriculum is a non-profit company under the 501 C3 Worldwide Educational Resources. Upon receipt of your donation we will send a confirmation which can be used for tax purposes.

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Four Quarterly Blessing Sessions

Feeling isolated? Looking for spiritual nourishment? Help to home school the Charlotte Mason way?

Many of the women in the LBC community have asked for something for themselves. They are feeling isolated and asked for a refreshing, inspiring time with other like-minded women.

Beginning January 28, 2019, Sheila Carroll is offering a quarterly a mentoring get-together online to bless you with inspiration and encouragement. Each session will be six weeks and held on Monday from 4 – 5 pm Eastern time. All sessions will be recorded.

By purchasing all four sessions you are enabling LBC to offer you a 50% discount. You save over $230.


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Getting Acquainted with LBC Pack

Through this treasure-trove of audios and PDFs you will learn exactly how myself and hundreds of other families are using Charlotte Mason’s philosophy to:

  • Instill a life-long love of learning in their children
  • Learn all the dates and facts of both world and American history WITHOUT reading a single textbook
  • Be INTENTIONAL about every minute of your school day
  • Increase retention through close observation of great art and nature

If you know your family needs a change but you’re overwhelmed about where to start, this package is exactly what you need.

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Rediscover Christmas 2018

A Six Lesson Journey for Homeschooling Families to Restore the Meaning of Christmas with Subject-specific Learning (geography, history)


Envision family time focused on the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. Pouring over picture studies of the Christmas story in great art, listening to charming folktales that have been part of celebrations for centuries. Creating a Jesse tree or advent calendar that tells the story of Jesus throughout the Bible. Imagine taking time from your homeschool to focus on the things that matter most at this time of year.
Here’s what you receive.
Living books, audios, picture studies, recipes from homeschooling moms like yourself, music, folktales, and more–and all the help you need to use these wonderful resources!

Six lessons to help you truly celebrate Christmas
Six lessons leading up to Christmas and beyond to help you make learning about Christmas and the “reason for the season” meaningful and to give you inspiration for the journey. Each lesson will gives ample helps and tips to cover the usual subjects in a Charlotte Mason-style homeschool. 

Still more…
Guides to create a Jesse Tree, advent Calendar, Story Stocking, practical projects to help others in need at this time of year (each sent with your weekly lessons).
Thanksgiving Holiday Helper, which includes a republication of Ruth Pumphrey’s  “the First Thanksgiving, 1621” as well as poems, picture study, and copy work.

Best of all – 100% of your purchase supports our work in Africa
Living Books Curriculum is a nonprofit ministry. Every purchase you make helps us provide a living education for our seven schools that we serve in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Ethiopia. The LBC Rediscover Christmas proceeds help us to provide a living education to our school at Abule Reserve, Nigeria.

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Teach for a Day–Presidents’ Day

Sheila Carroll invites you and your children to enjoy a two-hour delight-directed, learning experience about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with history, story, poetry, music, art and picture study. Event is online and the price is per family. Sheila will provide all the materials. It will be held February 18, 2019 from 11-1 pm EST time.

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