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Donate to LBC’s School in West Africa

Your donation helps us provide a living education to children who have no access to learning. Read about our amazing students in the description below. The pictures were all taken by me or my assistant while in Nigeria.


Your donation is tax-exempt and deeply appreciated. Living Books Curriculum is a non-profit company under the 501 C3 Worldwide Educational Resources. Upon receipt of your donation we will send a confirmation which can be used for tax purposes.

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LBC Guide to Astronomy

36-week study for use with Exploring Creation with Astronomy and uses Charlotte Mason methods to compliment the studies. Best for ages 7 to 12.

52 pages


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LBC Guide to Michigan History

This guide offers 16 lessons each two weeks in length. The book covers Michigan history from the first peoples such as the Ojibway Indians to lumber-era up to through Henry Ford and the automobile to the present. There are eight historic eras in all. Each lesson gives objectives, a booklist of books that can easily be purchased used or borrowed from the library. Includes discussion question, writing activities and project ideas.

Wirebound or Digital
98 pages

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LBC Guide to the Middle Ages

The LBC Guide to the Middle Ages covers a thousand-year period in which the Western world transitioned from monarchies with absolute rule to nation states with early forms of self-government.

Covers fall of Rome to rise of nation states (432 AD – 1700). Best for students 8-13.

Wirebound or Digital
82 pages

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Storytelling: A Creative Teaching Strategy (ebook)

Children learn better with stories…far better. Research proves that retention and attention is many times higher when story is used to teach facts or concepts. We remember when we hear a story; we remember even better when we tell a story. Which is why this book is perfect for educators and parents  who are looking for an introduction to how to improve listening and telling through stories.  Each folktale is illustrated and transcribed from Sheila’s storytelling performances. Each story then follows with enriching language activities. The introduction provides the framework and research on why story is key to learning. The stories and activities are based on Sheila’s years of experience as an educator, storyteller and parent.

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