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Blank Nature Journal

Nature Journal for keeping a record of discoveries outdoors.

A blank book just right for young hands and ready to use with dry brush technique or other medium. Journal has medium-weight paper excellent for water color, pen and ink, and colored pencils.

Paperback: 68 blank pages pages

Publisher: Strathmore Paper Company & Prang Watercolor Co.

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Donate to LBC’s School in West Africa

Your donation helps us provide a living education to children who have no access to learning. Read about our amazing students in the description below. The pictures were all taken by me or my assistant while in Nigeria.


Your donation is tax-exempt and deeply appreciated. Living Books Curriculum is a non-profit company under the 501 C3 Worldwide Educational Resources. Upon receipt of your donation we will send a confirmation which can be used for tax purposes.

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English Literature for Young People

Introduction to the history of English literature. Best for ages 10-14.

English Literature for Young People is a 624-page guide to the great works of English literature. H. E. Marshall’s story of England’s literary heritage is rich and compelling—a masterly account of 1500 years of the literary arts in Great Britain, extending from early Irish legends through the Golden Age of English letters to the modern age.The Living Books Press hardcover edition is a republication of the 1909 edition, English Literature for Boys and Girls. Our edition has been significantly revised and expanded to improve its use as a study text. Added are a biography of the author, an expanded Chronology of Writers, a bibliography of books recommended by the author, maps of the British Isles, an expanded index, and enhanced illustrations and images.

Hardcover: 624 pages
Softcover: 624 pages
Digital version: direct download

Author: H. E. Marshall

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Grade Eight Bundle

The ultimate LBC package! This bundle includes all books and resources published by LBC Press that you will need to complete Grade Eight with your child. The rest can be affordably purchased on Amazon or borrowed from your library. In addition, you will receive three audio trainings designed to give you an overview of Charlotte Mason principles and how to apply them in your home school. Books included are the Grade Seven Teaching Guide and Resources, English Literature for Young People, Jabberwocky, and the LBC Nature Journal. The audios are A Closer Look at LBC, Writing the CM Way, and Demystifying Nature Study.

**Please note:  This purchase will be accessible as a login membership page upon our website.

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Jabberwocky: Poetry Studies for Junior High

Poems for study and narration. Best for ages 11-15.


Thirty-two poems for reading and response. Each poem was selected for its appeal to students ages 12 and up and includes study and narration questions to enrich understanding and appreciation. The poetic works chosen are among the most well-known in american and British literature, including W. B. Yeats, Walt Whitman, Lewis Carroll, Sara Teasdale, Rudyard Kipling, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe.



Print version: 158 pages, wire bound
Digital version: direct download
Author: James and Sheila Carroll, ed.

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LBC Grade Eight Teaching Guide & Resources

Grade Eight completes a two-year cycle of studies begun in Grade Seven. In in this period of study a student will survey ancient civilizations to the modern age in world history and in American history early explorations to the modern day. Primary documents and original source material are used as much as possible. The goal of both history studies is to solidify understanding and give a sense of the great flow of events. Grade Eight also continues the exploration of great literature with Shakespeare’ Hamlet, English Literature for Young People, the poetry of Robert Frost and William Wordsworth, Picture Study and Composer Study.


We also include an optional review of basic grammar, for those who are first-time users of our curriculum. For science, we continue with the Apologia series by adding Exploring Creation with Physical Science. Grade Eight Resource CD comes with each Teaching Guide. It includes ebooks, nature journal template, year-long planner, maps for each history study, articles on Charlotte Mason ed.

Print version: 144 pages, wire bound
Digital version: digital membership access or direct download

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LBC Nature Journal

A guide to how to keep a nature journal and a template for creating your own nature journal. This 96-page book follows Charlotte Mason's guidelines, has a 36-week nature journal template, includes tips, suggestions, a bird, tree and mammal observation list for you to keep a record of sightings and food for thought on the many ways nature study enriches your child's life.

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