Finding the Calm Amidst the Chaos

Do you need a calm place to rest amidst the chaos?

Posted by Living Books Curriculum on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

How are you?

Like really, seriously, how are you?

Not the “Oh I’m fine, just a little busy” kind of how are you.

But the warm, firm handshake with a knowing look into your eyes, "how are you?"

There’s a lot going on in the world right now- hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes - and that’s just what’s making the news.

As I watched the weather reports, viral pictures of feet of standing water inside homes and nursing facilities, and updates from friends roll in, I felt helpless seeing friends, family, and strangers go through heartbreaking tragedies.

What can I, a Michigan born and raised girl with no experience with virtually any kind of inclement weather do to help?

I’m too far north for offering a place for evacuees to be remotely practical. With small children at home I can’t exactly up and travel down to help with reconstruction efforts- and that really isn’t my skill set anyway.

But then I began to think- maybe I do have something to offer. I started to hear of homeschooling families who were feeling lost in the midst of the heartbreak surrounding them. I saw families who lost all of their worldly possessions- book collections included.

Whatever you’re going through, I want you to know that it’s okay to not be okay.

Life on this earth is hard sometimes, and it’s okay to take the time to sit in the mud and grieve that a little bit.

Maybe you’re not even in the area affected by the hurricanes- but your family has been going through your own personal tragedy. Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one, been laid off from a job, or just been so busy all going your separate directions that your family feels scattered and lost from one another right now.

I would like to extend an invitation to you for The Calm After the Storm bundle.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and wipe away all the tragedy in the world.

But until I get that magic wand- this is my way of saying “I see you. You matter. Your family is worth fighting for and you’re going to get through this."

The best way I know to all come together in the face of tragedy- no matter what it is- is over a good story.

If your family needs something to bring you all together right now, whether that’s because you’ve lost your books to flooding, your child’s school has shut down, or life has taken some unexpected turns and you’re just overwhelmed- please, take this package as a free gift. All I ask is that you use it together as a family to take a few minutes each day to read a book, listen to a folktale, or enjoy a poem with one another.

You don’t have to tell me what you’re going through or submit an application-I trust that this message will reach the right people and they will be blessed by it.

My prayer is that this brings you some small ray of encouragement through the darkness and helps your family to draw together for a few moments to enjoy something lighthearted and be strengthened to go on.

What’s included in the Calm After the Storm digital package:

Folktales to Read And Listen Together

The Nightingale

Why the Sea is Salty

Pied Piper

The Princess and the Pea

Jack and the Bean Stalk


Books to Read Together

David Copperfield

Little Women

The Boys and Girls Plutarch

Pilgrim's Progress

Just David


Stories to Read Together

The Tale of Solomon Owl

Stories of Courage and Heroism

Would Be Goods


Stories to Listen Together

The Extraordinary Cat and other Stories

The Would Be Goods



Mother Goose

Five Poems Every Child Should Know