A Little Charlotte Mason…Does It Work?

A mother wrote me the following: ” We use unit studies along with a little Charlotte Mason and classical. Which grade level do you charlottemason-yatessuggest when choosing your curriculum?”

Another, on a well-known forum said, “I use living books, we go on nature walks and I have my children narrate–aren’t I pretty much already doing a Charlotte Mason education?”

For all our dear readers, please know that adding any component of a Charlotte Mason education will enhance the learning experience of your children, especially high quality literature and narration.

However, and this is a BIG however….

Unless you are in agreement with the 20 Principles and apply them to the best of your ability, you won’t get the kind of results seen in Miss Mason’s students. A Charlotte Mason education is one that fully embraces the principles as detailed in her books.

Charlotte Mason wrote in A Philosophy of Education:

The reader will say with truth,–‘I knew all this before and have always acted more or less on these principles’; and I can only point to the unusual results we obtain through adhering, not ‘more or less,’ but strictly to the principles and practices I have indicated. I suppose the difficulties are of the sort that Lister had to contend with; every surgeon knew that his instruments and appurtenances should be kept clean, but the saving of millions of lives has resulted from the adoption of the great surgeon’s antiseptic treatment; that is, from the substitution of exact principles scrupulously applied, for the rather casual ‘more or less’ methods of earlier days.

If you would like to see greater breadth and depth in your child’s learning, then consider giving CM a full year’s trial without mixing it together with other methods. You will never regret it. I promise.