I tried a lot of other curriculum…We are now in 4th grade and love it so much— guess what, I have already bought 5th grade and 6th grade! The books are grand, the activities are great, and I learn so much myself. Living books Curriculum is a great curriculum. God is the standard, I love that. My child is getting a worldview that is Christ-centered. I was never talked to about how God was in control of all history, science, language arts, and math. And the owners of LBC, how great, doing all the missionary work they do. What better way to spend our money homeschooling than to help them with their missionary work.

Nancy T.



“The Living Books Curriculum has made home schooling a joy for me and my family. It provides the plans and resources I need so I can focus on my children and the activities that will help them to learn.  I love how living books, good children’s books, are used to teach and present ideas. Instead of pages of workbooks, my children are introduced to all kinds of stories. Instead of testing, they narrate back to me the things they have learned. I have always loved Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and I am pleased that LBC has made it so easy for me to teach with this approach.”

Beth P.



“I can’t imagine homeschooling without living books curriculum.  I remember seeing my daughter soar in her ability to read from the classical education she was getting, but she did not love to learn or love to read.  What good is a great reader if they don’t want to pick up a book?  This year though, thanks to Shelia and Jim’s choice of living books I have seen that spark for books many times!  The highlight for me this year was when she told me she loves World History.

There is nothing like seeing our children get our box from LBC, hold the books in their hands and want to learn what’s in them.  I knew we were going to have a great year when I saw that look in their eyes and we did!  Our family is committed to LBC and use only CM and it’s for the long road because we love what and how they’re learning.”

Stephanie S.



“I just bought a teaching guide, and I have to tell you I knew it would be good, but you far exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your efforts to provide exceptional materials that appears to be user friendly as well as high quality.

I am really impressed with the maps, layout, articles, blank schedule, etc…Everything is there to get you started on a firm foundation.  I may regret not buying more, but I see that even at regular price, LBC guides are well worth it. Thank you.”

Shawna C.



“If you love the idea of using Charlotte Mason methods in your homeschool but need a reassuring hand to help along the way, then Sheila Carroll and LBC should be at the top of your go-to list. I simply cannot say enough about how much Sheila’s mentoring has impacted my life. Along the way and through the years, she’s answered my questions and walked along side me with resources, audios, online courses, and lesson plans. Because of this, I’ve found confidence to try CM methods and then follow them through when it seemed no one living near me taught or lived like me. Even as my oldest approached the high school years and seemingly every family I thought was homeschooling for the long haul dropped out, Sheila Carrol and LBC’s High School course showed me that we could continue in the same methods without fear of transcripts or lack of excellence.

I love knowing that, as part of the LBC family and as a graduate of their high school course, I can find answers to (so far, at least) any questions I run into. Your six year old’s birthday hits the public school cut-offs funny plus their fine motor skills seem to be developing slower than their older siblings did? Ask Sheila and she’ll help you decide where to start schooling and assure you that there is no race and no rush to push your child to achieve. Didn’t start with LBC so your progress through history doesn’t match LBC’s and you’ve never studied art? Sheila can help with articles and shared wisdom. Trying to figure out high school but you want your pre-teen and teen doing the same studies for history, art, and music? Yes, once again Sheila can help you tweak and adjust so that one LBC guide can work for multiple ages. I know because I’ve asked about all these things and found excellent mentorship right here. Along the way I’ve asked much sillier questions, too, as I struggled to wrap my mind around different concepts. Always, Sheila replied with a comforting and insightful bit of wisdom and grace. By now, I also have a store of LBC MP3s on hand, too. These are wonderful encouragement. Sometimes I listen just to hear the camaraderie between Sheila & Jim because they make my heart smile. What more can you ask of a mentor?”

Bobbi B.