LBC I Love To Read Set


Buy all four of the Reading-Literature series. A complete Charlotte Mason-style reading program.
Best for ages 5-9.




No dumbed-down reading in this lovely four-volume set.
The LBC I Love to Read Set includes a teaching guide, three readers and Flash Cards (word recognition and phonics):

Print version: includes 4 softcover books + Flash Cards
Digital version: direct download
Authors: Margaret Free and Harriette Treadwell

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Now you can teach your child the joy of reading with our teaching guide and use the readers again and again for reading fluency. This easy-to-use teaching guide set includes:

  • The Reading-Literature Teacher’s Guide shows parents and teachers an easy to follow literature-based reading program suited to the child’s developmental level. The authors, Free and Treadwell, present very
    specific steps, including a lesson-by-lesson plan for beginning reading.
  • The Primer, First Reader and Second Reader are phonics-based readers which use quality literature rather than “twaddle,” as Charlotte Mason termed dumbed-down texts.

Authors Margaret Free and Harriette Treadwell maintain that reading instruction should be a joyous activity. To achieve it the authors use phonics (with some sight words) for early reading… with one important addition: their reading starts with and continually works from good literature. Phonics instruction grows from the child’s own curiosity and interaction with word-rich literature.

As you learn to use the guide and the three readers that accompany it, you will begin to see that Free and Treadwell had it right–reading is a joyous activity. Includes four books and 2 sets of Flash Cards.

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