Charlotte Mason High School for Teens

The Charlotte Mason Method is arguably the best, most effective approach for homeschooling your younger children… but what about your teen in high school?

“Finally, Everything You Need to Confidently and Effectively Homeschool Your Teen in High School Using The Proven Charlotte Mason Method in One Step-by-Step Program…”

We Help You With Everything From Transcripts To Motivation and Support, From Lesson Plans to Time Management, All In One Place For You, So You Can Focus on What’s Important… Preparing Your Teen for the Next Step and a Happy, Healthy, Future.


Dear Homeschooling Parent,

Charlotte Mason herself said in Home Education (p.8):

“… a parent who does not follow a fully thought out plan of education will fail to fulfill the claims his children have upon him for growing to adulthood in full possession of his abilities.”

I realize that might be a little confusing to understand, so here is my experienced understanding of what Charlotte was saying: “failing to plan, is planning to fail… your child.”

These might seem like strong words, but you have an important task before you – homeschooling your teen, right?

However, the real problem that Jim and I see so often is that people are confused, and confusion can make life very, very stressful. It can also make the joyous experience of homeschooling your child a whole lot less fulfilling…

Common Questions About Homeschooling High School

Homeschool Information Overload…Too Much of a Good Thing?

Since the Internet came along, finding information about homeschooling your child is as easy as going to your favorite search engine and typing in “homeschool” – literally millions of pages will come up for you to spend hours and hours of your time reviewing and researching what you need.

I’m as fond of the Internet as the next person, but aren’t you a little overwhelmed, too? I mean, don’t you get confused and lost trying to find the right answers to your challenges and concerns without feeling swallowed by all of that information?

If so, then you are in the right place today because if you’ll give Jim and me a few minutes of your time, we can help you answer some of your most pressing homeschooling questions…in particular, about homeschooling high school-age children, which seems to be a largely frightening experience for many parents, even experienced homeschooling parents.

If you knew the following information, would you be more confident in your ability to homeschool your teen in high school? Would you like to know…

  • How do you properly assign credits for transcripts?
  • What the latest graduation laws in your state are?
  • How to put together a quality transcript that will be accepted at your university of choice?
  • How to organize your high school curriculum?
  • How to manage your homeschooling time and how to share these time-management principles with your teen?
  • How to handle the higher level math, science, and writing requirements for your teen?
  • Why Charlotte Mason is the best method to use to teach your high school teen?
  • How to keep your Christian focus and studies going through high school?
  • How to find the best resources without having to sort through thousands of web pages!
  • How to prepare for the college entrance exams if that is the direction you are taking your child’s future?
  • How to teach to your teen’s passions and interests as the core of their education program (this is so powerful, imagine your teen LOVING her education and homeschooling, because it’s actually focused on what she already enjoys and loves doing…)!
  • How to keep flawless records for state and college requirements

Picture yourself confidently being able to answer the challenges above, easily, and with step-by-step guides to help you. With our help, you can.

Hopefully, knowing that you are not alone and that you can get the help you are looking for, makes it easier for you to relax a little…

“This course was amazing!  I highly recommend it for anyone who has or will have a high schooler to homeschool. My high schooler is doing much better, so I know that her 9-year old brother and 5-year old sister will do quite well in their time! ”

Elizabeth Hicks

Can I Really Homeschool High school?

When Jim and I started homeschooling Bridget, our youngest of three daughters, we were pretty confident we could handle the responsibility. I have a couple of Master’s degrees and Jim has his Doctorate’s degree… we’re both teachers by profession and at heart.

Bridget is also a wonderful student and we are blessed with her bright and open character.

So, we began with several advantages that you may not have – however, what we found when we got started still confused and concerned us, because there just wasn’t anywhere to get straight answers that were unbiased, well-researched, consistent or complete, especially when using Charlotte Mason’s wonderful methods at the high school level.

We felt like we were just floating out in a vast ocean of homeschooling possibilities without any paddles, sails, or even a good stiff breeze to guide us along. If you’re like we were, you probably experience the same thing yourself, right?

That’s when we put Living Books Curriculum together.

We wanted to help parents just like you to avoid all of the confusion and help bring the joy and fun back into the homeschooling experience with complete guides and programs for homeschooling that have helped hundreds and hundreds of parents and children.

But, something was missing…

When it comes to high school age teenagers… or homeschooling high school teens, confusion is only part of the challenge – FEAR is the single biggest issue that seems to come up over and over again.

The most common comment you’ve shared with us over the years, is that you are afraid or intimidated by the whole “high school homeschooling thing” – especially where college transcripts and preparation are concerned.

There are several other issues that seem to come up regarding homeschooling high school-aged teens also… in fact, here are just a few of the challenges that you told us about in our recent survey:

  • Am I covering everything I need to for my child’s education?
  • How do I count our work towards credit hours?
  • How do I plan subjects that are rigorous enough for high school?
  • Can I prepare my child for college?
  • How can I teach higher level math, science, or lab work?
  • Am I challenging my child enough?
  • How can I integrate our Christian values and studies into the high school program?
  • How do I teach multiple children at different ages?
  • What are my state requirements for high school?
  • Transcripts, transcripts, transcripts!
  • Time management help for planning my curriculum
  • Where do I find the materials to homeschool high school?
  • How do I motivate my child?
  • Where to start with planning the high school curriculum and what to do…
  • How much will it cost to homeschool at a high school level?
  • How do I put lessons and lesson plans together?
  • Does the Charlotte Mason method work for high school?
  • Where can I find materials and living books for the high school level?
  • Am I qualified to homeschool high school?
  • How can I get my teen to read?
  • Am I including it “all” so my child is prepared for college and beyond?
  • How do I cover all of the subjects?
  • Can I start the Charlotte Mason method in the middle of high school?
  • My doubt is holding me back from homeschooling high school…
  • How do I organize a high school curriculum properly?
  • Can I do this?

If you have some or all of these concerns yourself, Jim and I totally understand… just because we have degrees, doesn’t mean we are any different from any other parent. We want the best for Bridget, just like we know you want the best for your children also.

I really enjoyed this course. I have bought other “how to” programs before in book form and they have helped. But the accessibility of Sheila and Jim adds a personal touch that helps me tremendously. Thank you!

– Laura Hambrick

Can I Home Educate My High School Teenager…And If So, Can I Use the Charlotte Mason Method?

This seems to be the next question most commonly asked of Jim and me from parents thinking about homeschooling high school. The short answer to the question is “Yes and…DEFINITELY YES!”

You see… there isn’t a large amount of information about using the Charlotte Mason method for high school- aged children available, though Jim and I are not really sure why this is, so what we’ve done for you is put this program together to help guide you through every single step of the process and to make sure that all of your “i’s” are dotted, your “t’s” are crossed, and your questions are answered.

And best of all, once you see how thoroughly we’ve put this wonderful, comprehensive program together for you, you won’t fall into the trap so many parents and teens would rather avoid…

You can finally be confident that you can handle homeschooling high school and you don’t need to worry about having to send your teen to a public school because you are afraid or confused, because now you have everything you need to succeed all in one place…including our support and the assistance of your new community of loving, experienced, Christian, high school homeschooling families.

What I like about the program is that it is given in small bites (eating the elephant). Waiting for the next lesson afforded the right amount of time to digest the information given. The bonus’ and the audios were also a great benefit to the program. The cost and the method of payment really allow everyone an opportunity to take advantage of your service. The templates were also a blessing for my family…”

– Nicole Bowe-Rahming

What Topics Does the Course Cover?

Here are just a few of the subjects that your Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way Homeschooling System covers over the next 16 weeks…

  • The 3 biggest challenges you will face homeschooling high school (and the transcript is NOT one of them!).
  • What you will need to successfully homeschool high school.
  • Your state’s graduation requirements.
  • How to effectively and creatively use college entrance requirements.
  • How to effectively and creatively use college entrance requirements.
  • Designing a four-year plan for your teen (or three-year, or even two-year plan!).
  • 15 ways to keep your teen interested in learning.
  • How Charlotte Mason’s methods work for the high school student.
  • How to “teach” less so your teen will actually learn more.
  • The power of narration as a superior way of teaching.
  • How to teach to your teen’s passions and interests, and make learning fun and highly motivational.
  • 3 transcript templates you can use!
  • Grading and credits…how to do it correctly.
  • How to seamlessly and effectively include character education, confidence building and decision making into your homeschooling program.
  • How to use literature to teach content.
  • Designing a class the Charlotte Mason way.
  • How to use the course syllabus template (provided!) for course design.
  • Writing well…teaching your teen to write in preparation for college and for life.
  • How to properly document course work.
  • How to use the Charlotte Mason method for Math, Science, English Literature, Civics/Economics, and Electives.
  • College entrance exams… preparing your teen for the ACT/SAT.
  • How to handle the writing portion of the ACT/SAT exams.
  • What about tutors, online classes, dual enrollment, and C.L.E.P.? It’s all covered inside!
  • Time management and putting it all together…for both you and your teen – templates done for you!
  • How to use systems to screen out time wasters.
  • The A-B-C’s of effective scheduling…with samples for you to use.
  • How to find time for yourself, protect your sanity, and stay balanced.
  • 9 ways to reduce expenses and keep homeschooling affordable.
  • New methods for teaching that produce incredible, fast, easy and positive results.
  • Little known and critical to know facts about homeschool and college acceptance programs.
  • The truth about “Socialization” and high school homeschooling plus understanding dual enrollment.
  • How to keep up with your household organization…or can you?
  • 3 effective and kind ways to gently handle the critics.
  • Discover the 7 Success Habits of happy, healthy, high school homeschoolers.
  • Step-by-step “How To” for high school homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way in detail.
  • Little known ways to use the Internet for those difficult lessons.
  • Intimidated by teaching high school? 3 methods that you can use to overcome your doubts.
  • How to handle the difficult subjects without breaking the bank or losing sleep.
  • Secret “Insider Tips” from parents and teachers for encouraging the reluctant student.

Here’s Everything You Receive…

  1. 16 information-packed lessons in your inbox, 5-15 pages in length. Plus, 4 bonus lessons. 20 lessons in all ($320 value).
  2. Sixteen 30-minute interviews with experts in the areas such as transcripts, composition, math, and science ($397 value).
  3. Each week you’ll have some easy-to-implement action steps to complete – with the help of the Carroll’s – before moving on.
  4. Personal member page with each step by step lesson – yours to use forever ($197 value).
  5. Community and personal support via a dedicated Facebook group (priceless).
  6. Easy to use templates ($50 value).
  7. Prompt email support for your questions (we’ll be there for you!).

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Get organized so that your homeschooling program runs so smoothly that it feels effortless.
  • Easily keep up with the record-keeping so you can focus on other things.
  • Create a powerful transcript using provided templates as a guide.
  • Manage both you and your teen’s time efficiently so your homeschooling program works with your lifestyle and doesn’t consume your life!
  • Teach the higher level maths, sciences, and writing with ease… and no longer worry about whether you are capable of handling these subjects.
  • Finally have a much less stressful homeschooling experience because you have a clear system to follow to help you get, and keep, everything under control and organized.
  • Plus a whole lot more…



What Other Homeschooling Parents Have Said…

This course was amazing! I highly recommend it for anyone who has or will have a high schooler to homeschool. My high schooler is doing much better, so I know that her 9-year old brother and 5-year old sister will do quite well in their time!” – Elizabeth Hicks

” I really enjoyed this course. I have bought other “how to” programs before in book form and they have helped.  But the accessibility of Sheila and Jim adds a personal touch that helps me tremendously. Thank you!” – Laura Hambrick

What I like about the program is that it is given in small bites (eating the elephant). Waiting for the next lesson afforded the right amount of time to digest the information given. The bonus’ and the audios were also a great benefit to the program. The cost and the method of payment really allow everyone an opportunity to take advantage of your service.  The templates were also a blessing for my family” – Nicole Bowe-Rahming

How Much Does a Program Like This Cost and Can I Afford It?

If Jim and I could total all of the time, energy and money we’ve spent over the years putting the pieces together for our own family’s homeschool program…we’d be embarrassed to put the costs in writing.

For us, however, it’s been an investment well-made, a labor of love, and we would do it all again if we had to…so how much should a course that saves you thousands of dollars, hours, and stress cost?

My husband, Jim, who has been patiently by my side helping with our homeschooling and our other responsibilities, including financial, has seen first hand how much the learning curve can cost without the right guidance and tools…and I’m not just talking about the money either. Whew!

The fact is however, that most homeschoolers are on pretty tight budgets, right? We know because you’ve told us so…and, well, we’re a homeschool family too!

We created this program for our own family and friends over the years, to help others avoid the stress and frustration that we experienced, especially in our first year of high school homeschooling Bridget.

Why We Put This Program Together For You

Our goal is to get this information into as many hands as possible to help you and others succeed and enjoy the high school homeschooling experience without having to face the same challenges we did on our own, without a map to follow or an experienced person to help or advise or guide us.

So, it’s for that reason that we are NOT going to charge the hundreds of dollars that we could charge for this program. Instead, we’re going to make it a no-brainer, and we’re going to make it very, very affordable for every budget.

The price for a subscription to the Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way program is just $67 $47.00 per month for FOUR months (that’s 4 payments of $47, totaling $188).

While the program is 4 months in length, you can cancel anytime you choose. If you’re not seeing results and benefiting from the program, then it doesn’t cost you anything.

No smoke and mirrors, no fancy sales pitches, hard selling, or convincing. The program is what it is and if you’re still reading right now, you recognize the value of this incredible, comprehensive, time-and-money saving program… we don’t need to hammer you with hype.

Sheila, uhm, then…what’s the catch?

We both know that the $67 $47.00 per month is a very low investment for this kind of comprehensive program. So, in keeping your guard up with a suspicious mind you’d have to ask the question, right? I would…And, truthfully there is a catch…

This is a Special Offer…

New Members Are Being Accepted Into the Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way Program With This Special Offer For A Limited Time Only.

We’ve placed a cap on the $67 $47.00 per month memberships – which is more than 50% off of our full retail memberships.

We cannot guarantee that this opportunity will be here tomorrow however, it’s available right now, today…so, if you are a high school homeschooler and need guidance, you can’t go wrong right now at only $67 $47.00 per month…specially with our guarantee allowing you to cancel anytime.

Subscribe today. If you think your first lesson – or any lesson ever – doesn’t deliver usable, workable, proven ideas and information that helps you save time, money, stress and frustration with your homeschooling program, you can simply cancel your membership no questions asked.

In other words, all of the risk is lifted from your shoulders and placed squarely on ours. Enroll today and immediately get your first lesson.

Our 100 % Satisfaction GuaranteeYour Money Will Be Returned By Us At The Click Of A Mouse Button If You’re Unhappy.

Listen, here’s the thing: We’re offering these memberships because we know how valuable they can be to you. We believe this so strongly that we’re offering you an 8 week, money-back guarantee. We’re comfortable with that. Jim and I stand behind our materials completely and know you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the content and, more importantly, your results.

However, for your peace of mind, know that a refund is available any time for the next 8 weeks by simply emailing us if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

Enroll In The “Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way” Community…

Join Now While This Special Offer Is Still Available…

“Yes, Jim and Sheila, I want my 5-15 page weekly lesson to help me easily start, effectively manage, confidently teach and experience homeschooling high school with my teen!”

To purchase this course, please click the button to set up your payment plan  of 4 x $47
and we’ll walk you through what you need to do to get started straight away…


You will receive an email every 7 days from the day you join with a download link for your weekly lesson and your weekly lesson link will be live inside of your private member’s area automatically every 7 days!

Your initial charge will be $67 $47.00. You will then be charged only $67 $47.00 per month for 3 additional months after your initial charge has been made. You may cancel at any time.

*** IMPORTANT *** Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any program that involves personal application and action, there is no guarantee that you will gain all of the benefits of this program without personal responsibility.

I mentioned this earlier, but just want to stress it one last time because I think it’s one of the most important and valuable benefits to you of using this proven, effective, unique and extremely affordable step-by-step program.

Once you have access to each of your weekly lessons, you can print them out and save them in a three-ring-binder for reference forever.

Why We Put This Program Together For You…

“All you need is the desire to succeed, the willingness to do the simple lessons and apply what you learn weekly, a dash of persistence, a pinch of patience, and a willingness to give it a try and let us take all of the risk!“
With that kind of offer, can you think of any reason not to move forward for yourself and your child right now?

Neither can we…

Warmest Regards,

Jim CarrollSheila Carroll

Jim and Sheila Carroll
– Charlotte Mason High School
– Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way

P.S. You can lose a lot of time, effort and money trying to put a high school high school homeschooling program together alone, without help or guidance from an experienced parent, someone who understands the frustrations, challenges and legal requirements – especially for the critical high school years – as a homeschooler.

But you can’t lose if you take us up on our no-risk offer. If you’re disappointed with your first lesson, or for that matter, any lessons, for any reason, just let us know and we’ll cancel your subscription with no questions asked immediately, deal?

P.P.S. Jim and I feel compelled to also make a short statement about something else that we hold very near and dear to our hearts…although you will find that the Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way curriculum is possibly one of the absolute best high school homeschooling courses anywhere, from a purely secular, educational viewpoint.

We also want to mention for our own purposes and because this course is based on Charlotte Mason’s methods, you’ll discover that while you are effectively preparing your child for their secular future, you’ll also be maintaining a fully focused spiritual foundation in everything you do.

“Values, character development, morals, faith and all of God’s priorities are primary with this wonderful high school homeschooling curriculum.”

It’s how we live our lives, how we teach our daughter and how we believe you want to focus your child’s education also. After all, what is a valuable education if not for the purpose of living a valued life in the eyes of God.

“To us, that’s the most important future we can see, everything else is just the paperwork along the way.”

So, although everything is included in your Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way program and you can be confident that your teen will be ready for college or any other future with this powerful course…you can rest assured that his greater future is also covered very carefully and God’s will and love are also very prominent in our application of the things you’ll discover inside.

To us, this is the one driving force for why we homeschooled Bridget and the reason we felt so compelled to put such a comprehensive program together for you – to honor and glorify God in all that we do.

We know you will love and enjoy Homeschooling Your Teen the Charlotte Mason Way… and Jim and I look forward to getting to know you better inside the program!