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A Little Charlotte Mason…Does It Work?

A mother wrote me the following: ” We use unit studies along with a little Charlotte Mason and classical. Which grade level do you suggest when choosing your curriculum?” Another, on a well-known forum said, “I use living books, we go on nature walks and I have my children narrate–aren’t I pretty much already doing a… Continue Reading

Do good books really matter to your homeschool?

Homeschooling five year-old  Bridget was fun and absorbing. We made mud pies (science and nature study), did finger plays (language arts), baked muffins (math and science), sounded out the words in picture books (reading). I knew intuitively this was the right thing to do and our days were very happy. We played—with a purpose. It was all rainbows and sunshine. Then, Bridget… Continue Reading

Our new site is ready (again)

I have learned to expect the unexpected when it comes to life and  new websites. As you can guess, it’s has been a challenging few weeks since our site crashed. I am deeply grateful for your patience as we sorted out the issues; and we humbly offer the new site (again) and would appreciate your… Continue Reading

New Website Launched!

Hello and welcome to our new website! Every home needs a new look from time to time and Living Books Curriculum is no exception. Our virtual home is the place you come to for help to homeschool the Charlotte Mason way. We saw the new site as a good opportunity to tell you about our new ways as well. LBC has… Continue Reading