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Do good books really matter to your homeschool?

Homeschooling five year-old  Bridget was fun and absorbing. We made mud pies (science and nature study), did finger plays (language arts), baked muffins (math and science), sounded out the words in picture books (reading). I knew intuitively this was the right thing to do and our days were very happy. We played—with a purpose. It was all rainbows and sunshine.

Then, Bridget got a bit older, “I need to get serious about this homeschooling thing (like I wasn’t before?). After all, I am in charge of her education,” I said to myself. Then, I bought serious curriculum. Let me translate that for you…it meant heavy-duty workbooks and textbooks. Pretty deadly stuff.

Full-scale rebellion ensued from my little tyke.

Next I had an unhappy learner so I started looking for answers and discovered Charlotte Mason’s works. It was wonderful to watch life unfold as I began to apply CM in my homeschool and my life. The effect was calming, enriching, and enduring for all of us. Why? Had I found the perfect curriculum? No. Perfect teaching tool? Nope.

The real answer is—I discovered the secret to learning, real learning.

In a word–books…many books, good books, beautiful books, interesting books, poetic books, well-written books…great books.

Why does it matter so much what a child reads?

Because books, the really good ones, tell us about the Permanent Things. Those living ideas, lasting heart songs that sing to us of what matters most: Honor, duty, love, piety, law, being.

They must be good books because the inferior ones do not cause us know the truth, only the facts. That is why Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of education is so life-altering for those of us reared in traditional educational methods. We think: it can’t be this beautiful; learning must be hard. Not.

This is where I began my love-affair with books. Mind you, my home library was none too shabby but they lacked many titles I’d heard about. Armed with titles such as The Fairy-land of Science  or Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare or Girl of the Limberlost  I began to add (and read late into the night). It was a wonderful, even thrilling journey for me. The library grew…I grew…Bridget grew.

Do you have a home library? I am speaking of rows and rows of high-quality literature that every family member has access to, not the place where you keep your school supplies.If not, please begin one today.

Would you like to see my top ten books for starting a home library?
Download the Booklist Now >>

How do you know what is a good book? It’s easier than you think. Use our booklists for each grade level as a place to start. Or, look here for a well-done list for all grades.

To help you discover more books that bring a banquet of learning to your homeschool, Living Books Curriculum is bringing back the Charlotte Mason Library on CD which contains over 70 titles worth hundreds of dollars. These are books you can use over and over again in your child’s learning.

Here is the part to remember…we only have 45 copies and they’re 50% off.

Originally, we produced 250 and offered them at great success…we thought we had sold all of them…recently we cleaned the back storage room and found 45 more!

Please consider this for your library. “It’s a CD not a book”, you say? To be honest, I would not have known of the many titles on the CD when I was a younger homeschooling mom…I know them now and want to help you dive in!

Below, you can see the complete list of titles that will save oodles of money and bring a treasure-trove of books to your homeschool:

Charlotte Mason Library on CD

IMPORTANT: We will not be reprinting this CD so when they are gone they are gone.