Monthly Archives: June 2015

New Website Launched!

Hello and welcome to our new website!

Every home needs a new look from time to time and Living Books Curriculum is no exception. Our virtual home is the place you come to for help to homeschool the Charlotte Mason way.

We saw the new site as a good opportunity to tell you about our new ways as well. LBC has become more that a seller of K-8 curriculum. Two years ago we began providing courses and small-group mentoring. The response was wonderful…we received over-the-top praise. I knew we had touched a deep need for support from homeschooling mothers who often feel isolated…and we had found our way forward.

For those readers who joined me in ReBoot Your Homeschool you know my oft-repeated formula for successful homeschooling.

  • The right approach
  • The right books
  • Support for the journey

This three-pillared way to homeschooling needs to be your foundation if you want to be assured of success. Living Books Curriculum offers all three.

Here are a few highlights of the new site:

  • Free email courses: 1) those new to Charlotte Mason education, 2) those homeschooling teens, and more to come.
  • Each grade/age level has a personal letter from me explaining the developmental needs of your child and how the year is structured.
  • Short articles are embedded into the letter that helps you understand key points.
  • All the books published by LBC are on one page and organized by grade.
  • All books ordered from Amazon on one page and clearly organized by age/grade.
  • More free resources to help you on your journey.
  • A new URL… (No worries–You will still get to us with our old URL, too)

For homeschooling moms there is no such thing as TMI (too much information). So, I knew we had to build a site around helping YOU on your homeschooling journey–and that’s what we did. As you delve into the pages we have provided you will see it’s like walking through a house.

Have a look around, kick the furniture, peek in the refrigerator, enjoy the view….then let me know what you think.

All the best,